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Shaky Swim

25 February 2014
Shaky Swim Shaky-legged wheelchair user puts her all into a sponsored swim.

Our treasurer Sarah Hawken is a wheelchair user. She decided to do a sponsored swim to raise money for Deeside branch. She gave herself 6 months to do 20 lengths of the pool by the 25th Feb. Only 20 I hear you say? Well, the thing is, she had to re-learn how to swim first!

Here's her after-story:

"Wow! Now I'm no paralympian; it's taken me months and months to re-learn how to swim. With a lot of hard work, determination, help and support from my partner and the Deeside Community Centre staff and lifeguards, I've managed it! 20 whole lengths of the pool! I've never felt so happy, tired, excited and exhausted all at the same time. Thanks everyone who donated to my sponsored shaky swim, it means a lot to me and Deeside Cats Protection."

This sponsored swim raised over £300 for Deeside branch.

If you'd like to add to her total, please visit her Justgiving page.