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We would like to remind everyone that everyone here at Deeside Cats Protection are purely volunteers. We work tirelessly in our spare time to help our feline friends but we are unpaid and do have other commitments i.e. work and family. Please be assured that any messages you leave with us will be received and we will get back to you when our busy lives give us the time to do so. We care deeply about what we do, and will do our very best to answer all messages as soon as we are able.

For all enquiries, please use one of the contact methods below:

For all general enquiries for Deeside Cats Protection, including neutering vouchers, homing and lost and found:

Phone: 07837 342660 and leave a message (Liz Robinson - Co-ordinator)

Facebook: Deeside Cats Protection
To report an urgent case of an injured, distressed or under threat animal:

Contact the SCOTTISH SPCA immediately on 03000 999 999 (08:30 to 21:00).
Out of hours, please contact an on-call vet.

To report a case of cruelty or neglect:

 Contact the SCOTTISH SPCA on 03000 999 999

Please note that while we try to provide a good service, we are all volunteers and may not be able to answer you immediately. The Email and voicemail are checked often and calls are usually returned within a day.
Telephone: 07837 342 660

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